Two-piece Santa Claus Chair for Rent:


This is a heavy duty, upholstered, whimsical Santa Chair that will fit through any door opening measuring 65″ (H) x 42″ (W) x 26″ (D) assembled. It is sturdy and can support up to five adults easily. The back is removable so it can be easily transported in any vehicle. The base measures only 28″ high disassembled. There are just four pins that slide in and out for a quick and easy assembly. The Santa Chair is available for local short or long term rental for your Christmas event. A security deposit is required. This is a great prop for picture opportunities!

Backdrop for Rent:


Folding Santa Claus Chairs for Rent/Sale:


Gold folding Santa Claus Chair for Sale:


The Gold Chair breaks down so that it will fit in the back seat of a car or for storage.

Small folding Santa/Mrs. Claus Chairs for sale:


For more information on chair sales and rental, please contact Santa Mike here.


Give him a jingle at the Toy Shop: (716) 823-0106